I’m a Ph.D. candidate, instructor, and former nonprofit executive studying third sector theory and practice with an emphasis on issues related to nonprofit management, fundraising, and philanthropic behavior. As a scholar of the nonprofit sector, I aim to help fundraisers be more effective and donors feel better understood.

My research and teaching are informed by my 20 years of experience in nonprofit resource development and communications. From designing comprehensive development plans to securing seven-figure gifts and grants, I’ve helped health and social service nonprofits expand resources for programs, annual operating support, capital campaigns, and endowments.

My current projects focus on message framing in nonprofit communications, the fundraising profession, nonprofit pedagogy, and the intersections of identity and philanthropic decision making.

Latest Updates

  • November 2019: Delighted to be selected as a recipient of the Emerging Scholar Awards at ARNOVA 2019!
  • October 2019: I had a wonderful time teaching Principles & Techniques of Fundraising for The Fund Raising School along with Tim Seiler! We had such a fun and interactive group. Great questions and lots of great ideas! The full 2019-2020 schedule for The Fund Raising School is available here.
  • September 2019: I’ve been working with Aya Okada (Associate Professor, Tohoku University Japan) to launch a new ARNOVA common interest group in nonprofit message strategy.  The first meeting will be at the 2019 ARNOVA conference in San Diego on Thursday, Nov. 21 at 5:30.  So far 12 nonprofit communication scholars have told us they’ll attend. Join us!