Teaching & Curricula Development

I’ve developed and taught academic and professional development courses since 2013. These courses have been delivered online, in person, and in blended formats.

Louisiana State University Shreveport, Master of Science in Nonprofit Administration

Nonprofit Administration 706: Nonprofit Administration Research Methods (graduate)
Spring 2022 (asynchronous online, 7 weeks)

Nonprofit Administration 764: Seminar in Resource Development / Capstone Course (graduate)
Fall 2021 (asynchronous online, 7 weeks)

Nonprofit Administration 762: Nonprofit Resource Development (graduate)
Spring 2022 (asynchronous online, 7 weeks)
Fall 2021 (asynchronous online, 7 weeks)

Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

Philanthropic Studies 558: Principles and Practices of Fundraising (graduate)
Summer 2020 (asynchronous online, 12 weeks)
Fall 2019 (asynchronous online, 16 weeks)

Philanthropic Studies 105: Giving and Volunteering in America (undergraduate)
Incorporated service-learning and other high-impact, evidence-based practices within a themed
learning community of 25 students.
Summer 2019 (asynchronous online, 8 weeks)
Spring 2019 (blended course, 16 weeks)
Fall 2018 (blended course, 16 weeks)

Assisted in the development of two new Certificates in Philanthropic Fundraising at the graduate and
undergraduate levels. Researched and drafted program proposals; developed syllabi, created course
outlines and assignments for four courses:
Institutional Donor Dynamics (undergraduate, in-person, 16 weeks)
Individual Donor Motivations and Engagement (undergraduate, in-person, 16 weeks)
Donor Behavior in Major and Planned Giving (graduate, asynchronous online, 16 weeks)
Institutional Donors (graduate, asynchronous online, 16 weeks)

The Fund Raising School (TFRS) at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

Fundraising for Small Nonprofits (professional development)
Summer 2020 (asynchronous online, three weeks)
Spring 2020 (asynchronous online, three weeks)

Principles and Techniques of Fundraising (professional development)
Fall 2019 (in-person, four days)
Fall 2018 (in-person, four days)

Kenai Peninsula College, University of Alaska Anchorage

Introduction to Grant Proposal Writing (professional development)
Fall 2015 (in-person, one day)
Fall 2014 (in-person, one day)
Fall 2013 (in-person, one day)